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Our mission is to deliver vehicles safely, with zero damage and in a timely manner. We achieve this through the use of the best auto hauling equipment. We are the best, because we use the best!

We can attribute service quality to our use of the best equipment available in the auto hauling industry. We enforce regular maintenance, safety, and quality standards to each piece of equipment used every day.

Whether you want to move one car, or an entire fleet, we have one of the most pristine auto hauling truck fleets on the road. This ensures our customers receive a consistent auto-hauling experience with deliberate emphasis on safety and efficiency.


Virginia Transportation Corporation constantly strives to improve delivery quality and excellence in using the industry’s best equipment. Virginia Transportation Corporation trusts Peterbilt for their global reputation of industry-leading design, innovative engineering, and fuel-efficient solutions.

We especially appreciate the MX Engine by Paccar for its durability, reliability, and performance. We have many Peterbilt trucks in our fleet, working every day to deliver our customers’ vehicles across the nation.

More Info: www.thepetestore.com


Cottrell Trailers is the industry standard for vehicle transportation with soft tie-down systems that meet the requirements of new vehicle manufacturers.

There are many options available for different sizes and configurations of loads. They are extremely efficient and provide our Auto Haulers with some of the fastest loading and unloading times available in the industry.

Cottrell Trailers provides enhanced loading capabilities, better weight-efficiency, and the ability to operate on either a cylinder or a screen system.

More Info: www.cottrelltrailers.com

TMW Systems

TMW is the leading software provider within the transportation technology market. Since its founding nearly 30 years ago, TMW has focused exclusively on providing mission-critical enterprise software to the transportation industry, in particular the truck industry. Today, the Company is the established market leader with 2,300 customers, including many of the largest, most sophisticated and complex trucking companies in North America.

More Info: www.tmwsystems.com

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